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libreoffice freezes at start on debian buster

asked 2019-03-07 11:19:43 +0200

matlo gravatar image


I have a freshly installed/upgraded debian buster on my desktop computer. When I start libreoffice a window opens, and then immediately freezes, nothing else happens, and that is it.

I tried removing config files and reinstalling, as in:

apt remove --purge libreoffice-*

rm -r ~/.config/libreoffice/

apt install libreoffice-calc

but that does not help.

any suggestions/help would be highly appreciated

cheers Michael

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Afaik Debian Buster is not yet a released product but a development/testing release and you do not specify in your question which libreoffice resources you are using. Are these from some debian repository or the native LO files from http://download.documentfoundation.or... ?

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2019-03-07 13:23:54 +0200 )edit

sorry, missed to provide that info ... it is in the official debian buster/testing repository (otherwise i could not install it using apt) which is stable enough, the version is 1:6.1.5 ... prompt> dpkg -l | grep libreoffice-base ii libreoffice-base-core 1:6.1.5-1 amd64 office productivity suite -- shared library

matlo gravatar imagematlo ( 2019-03-07 14:19:41 +0200 )edit

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answered 2019-03-07 19:23:07 +0200

matlo gravatar image

I removed all libreoffice from my system and installed version 6.2.1 using the deb files at the link provided by Opaque (thanks!)

now it works again.

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