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Pivot tables version not working in v

asked 2019-03-10 14:27:18 +0100

razor gravatar image

Hi I have version and a cvs file which I use to create a pivot table have no problems, but on another computer with version using the same data file the pivot table is created without any data in the tables. Any one having the same problem.image description(/upfiles/15522239605968652.jpg)

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Can't possibly your two systems have different LO locales configured, and your csv being linked using "default" language - so that on a system with a different locale, its import gives strings where numbers expected?

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Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2019-03-10 16:44:43 +0100 )edit

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answered 2019-03-10 16:49:11 +0100

razor gravatar image

updated 2019-03-10 17:04:55 +0100

Ok just uninstalled from computer and installed the copy that is installed on the computer that the pivot table works on opend the same data cvs file and its not worked totally baffled. ![screen shot] ok sorted needed Detect special numbers to be ticked.image description

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You should also change the Column-type of 3rd and 4th Column from Standard to Date d/m/y

karolus gravatar imagekarolus ( 2019-03-10 17:45:01 +0100 )edit
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