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How do I delete old documents from Libre Office [closed]

asked 2019-03-17 03:33:29 +0200

frado gravatar image

How do I delete old documents from Libre Office

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Do you want to delete them from your computer (hard drive, etc) or just from the LibreOffice list of recent files? (They are separate operations.) In the recent documents list, click on the X in the upper right-hand corner of each document thumbnail. To delete from your computer, best to use your operating system's file manager to send the documents to the (Windows Recycle bin, for example) from which you have to delete them again.

ve3oat gravatar imageve3oat ( 2019-03-17 15:32:05 +0200 )edit

I want to delete from my computer completely. Thanks. . .

frado gravatar imagefrado ( 2019-03-18 03:23:55 +0200 )edit

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answered 2019-03-18 02:26:00 +0200

BrianRoper gravatar image

In Linux, we use the following cron job to automatically (daily at 11 pm) delete files older than 14 days

00 23 * * * root find /path/to/directory ( -type f -o -type d ) -mtime +14 -delete


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What !! All I want are the simple steps to delete an old document from Libre Office

frado gravatar imagefrado ( 2019-03-18 03:18:24 +0200 )edit

Does your keyboard have a key marked "Del" ? Thats abbreviation for Delete.
Its simple, you point to your "old" file, and press the Del button. HTH

BrianRoper gravatar imageBrianRoper ( 2019-03-18 04:03:28 +0200 )edit

Thanks: SH

frado gravatar imagefrado ( 2019-03-18 04:48:34 +0200 )edit

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