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Why have all files been erased?

asked 2019-03-30 10:03:04 +0200

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Was working on a new file. Took a pause. Wife believed I had finished for the day, logged in to internet (Google) with her password, did her work and then shut down. When I started up again and went to LibreOffice I found the file I was working but the first overview page was otherwise completely blank.

What happened? Why? How do I restore the missing files?

Greatly appreciate help.

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answered 2019-03-30 10:55:57 +0200

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You don't have to worry, because your files are most likely still there.

The overview page of LibreOffice displays only the files that were last opened. If the files in the overview have been deleted, that doesn't mean that the files are gone. There is only one link from the overview page to the document.

Unfortunately, you don't specify which operating system you work with. But you should have a file explorer on your system with which you can search your files. You should always know in which directory you store or save your files.

Open LibreOffice and choose the icon "Open" (Ctrl + O), in the dialog box you can now go to your directory and open the desired file.

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