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would like to reset laptop back to factory settings but have lots of Libreoffice work and templates. how can I reset and leep every thing regards john [closed]

asked 2019-04-05 15:43:49 +0200

TEA BOY gravatar image

I have an acre laptop with Intel i5 16 g of memory 1 trb hard drive running very slow

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answered 2019-04-05 16:20:30 +0200

ajlittoz gravatar image

This is not a LibreOffice specific question. However, here are some clues. Adapt to you OS (which you did not name).

If you had the good idea of keeping things tidy, i.e. using dedicated directories to store your document and templates sorted by category, business account, family, hobby, …, just save these directories on an external drive or USB stick.

Make a note of eventual custom configuration you could have made (browse through Tools>Options. Notably, have a look at LibreOffice>Paths, especially My Documents and Templates, to see if you stored files in there. Sometimes the real name for these directory are not at all obvious and some directories may be "hidden" by the OS.

I don't recommend saving your user profile as resetting it when reinstalling LO may be beneficial. But don't forget to note down your custom configuration if any so that you can reconfigure it.

A tip: in case your hard drive is not full, shrink a bit the current partition(s) so that you can create a new one for backup. Mount it on your present system, save what you need on it and unmount it. When you reinstall your OS (without reformatting the whole drive or repratitioning it from scratch, i.e. using the existing partitions) take care not to mount the backup partitition so that the installer does not see it and does not play bad tricks on your back. Of course, a fully external drive is safer.

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