My svg images work in Writer; when I export the *.odt to *.pdf then the svg image is static.

asked 2019-04-16 07:52:08 +0200

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updated 2019-04-16 12:46:47 +0200

I have a document that explains a procedure. The svg image in the document shows the sequence of steps to be followed. Whenever I export the document to be an acrobat *.pdf file, the svg image is static and does not animate.
I just want add: I saved the odt. document as .docx (Microsoft Word) format. The svg images worked perfectly. So the problem is between Libre Office and creating a *.pdf document.

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The solution maybe to convert your image into a Quicktime playable movie, flash or so. I doubt that LibreOffice can handle that. See discussion here: and linked German discussion here:

Grantler gravatar imageGrantler ( 2019-04-16 09:40:15 +0200 )edit

Thanks. I'll try that. I have never embedded a movie/flash in a Writer document. This problem comes with the export to *.pdf. I export my documents to *.pdf when I want to share my document with someone that doesn't have Libre Office. I'll look at the discussion also. :-)

PaulR777 gravatar imagePaulR777 ( 2019-04-16 09:46:51 +0200 )edit