Convert MS Word with fillable fields to LibreOffice Writer

asked 2019-04-17 21:49:30 +0200

Darcy gravatar image

I've created an MS Word document containing fillable fields. I would like to convert it to a LibreOffice Writer document so I can make use of LibreOffice's PDF creation tools. Is this conversion possible while retaining the fillable form fields?

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Hi Darcy, there are many versions of Word and LibreOffice. Try it. Save your file in DOC and ODT format. Install the latest version of Libre Office. Try opening both file types in LibreOffice and export to PDF. Here you can download LibreOffice. I wish you success!

ebot gravatar imageebot ( 2019-04-17 22:03:48 +0200 )edit

When I attempt to save my Word document as DOC or ODT, I am alerted to the fact that neither format supports content controls.

Darcy gravatar imageDarcy ( 2019-04-17 22:15:10 +0200 )edit

I assume that your question is now answered or not? Sorry, unfortunately, not all features of MS Word are the same in LibreOffice. Your desired functions can be recreated in LibreOffice without further ado.

ebot gravatar imageebot ( 2019-04-18 08:10:34 +0200 )edit

As @ebot mentioned there are some features of Word format not compatible to ODF features. Fields are part of them, unhappily.

Grantler gravatar imageGrantler ( 2019-04-18 13:03:13 +0200 )edit

The way Word does forms and protects the rest of the document can not be converted to Writer as far as my experience goes. Protected areas in Word are free editable in Writer again and form fields are gone. With LO Writer one could build real PDF-Forms, which is not possible with Word (without additional Tools such as Destiller). But I recognize that it is much easier / faster to build a form that way in Word - only you'll need Word to use it.

Cookievore gravatar imageCookievore ( 2019-04-18 19:24:58 +0200 )edit