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LibreOffice 6.2.2 doesn't autoupdate to 6.2.3. Should I uninstall it first in order to install the latest version?

asked 2019-04-19 00:03:03 +0100

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So, I'm a Windows 10 and LibreOffice user. My LibreOffice 6.2.2 doesn't offer the 6.2.3 update! Should I uninstall the 6.2.2 first in order to install 6.2.3? How should we procede when updates are released but the autoupdate utility of LibreOffice doesn't offer them?

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answered 2019-04-19 08:36:35 +0100

ebot gravatar image

updated 2019-04-19 08:39:00 +0100

Look at the installation instructions.

Here is an excerpt:

You do not have to uninstall any previously installed version of LibreOffice. If you do have an existing installation of LibreOffice, all your preferences will be preserved and that old installation will simply be overwritten.

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