Writer freezes (100% CPU)

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Hello everyone,

I've found old reports of the 100% CPU bug, but they seem to differ from mine. Writer opens up nicely, I can type, but when I try to open a template file, I get 100% CPU and the program freezes. This does not happen when I open other files, interestingly.

I'm on a fresh install of the newest Pop!_OS (Nvidia). I had no issues with LibreOffice while I was using Linux Mint (I guess 19.04?).

  • As a first attempt, I purged all libreoffice-files and re-installed. No effect.

  • Then I purged again and re-installed from the downloaded .deb from the LO site. No effect.

  • Then I purged again and re-downloaded from the repositories and tried "libreoffice-writer --safe-mode" which didn't change anything.

  • Following the bug reports that blamed glib, I then tried to install the KDE integration. Now, LO won't even start... Uninstalling the KDE integration doesn't change that.

Throughout all this, I noticed log entries with Apparmor that mention NVIDIA. I don't understand what that does, exactly, but here's my output with loads of notifications at 10:54:07. Here's the file: https://pastebin.com/tzHKVFZT

For easy reference, here's a smaller file with my dmesg output after a crash: https://pastebin.com/hk7euSc0

I'm at a loss here, especially since I managed to completely mess up LibreOffice so it won't even start. I'm willing to reinstall my OS, but this would most likely result in the initial 100% CPU bug again.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hello teilnehmer (<< german?), I reread your question but don't get the information on which OS and with which LO you are finally running now. Newest is not necessarily sufficient as information. I'd guess, you'll be back operational if you're reinstalling your Mint Distro and choosing the according LO package. All the dmesg output and the Apparmor questions in conjunction with nvidia drivers aso. should be asked in a Mint forum. Don't think, you'll get an answer here sinces this does not look much LO related. But back to the start: what are these template files? Customized 'Vorlagen'? Does it affect all template files or only some or even only one? Could you upload a template file (assumed it does not contain confidential data)?

Cookievore gravatar imageCookievore ( 2019-05-01 12:01:01 +0100 )edit