Copying form fields selected value, not the control

asked 2019-05-09 16:09:18 +0200

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We're trying to migrate gradually from MS-Office (2007) to LO and have come across a small issue with a copy/paste action we've been using involving form controls, where the user-selected values of form controls are not being pasted into an web-app's HTML rich-editing control.

To expand; With the original Word form, the controls will change to "text" after being selected. The entire document would then be copied (Ctrl+A) and pasted into an HTML rich-doc editing field (functionally like this question editor) of a web-app (not ideal workflow, but that's a separate issue). From the Word-version, the selected/specified form items such as dates or drop-down list values, etc., are pasted as text to the web-form - so the pasted result is complete, matching what was entered/selected in the original document.

Issue, when pasting from LO Writer, everything except the selected form-control values is pasted, leaving "gaps" in the resulting pasted item. The layout is fine otherwise, matching the original form's tabular layout.

Is there a way to set LO Writer to convert the selected form-control values to a simpler copy/paste-friendly format (text?), such as MS-Word seems to do by default?

I have looked at the controls with Design mode enabled and see quite a few properties (and events) available, e.g. "Printable" [Yes/No] (tried this), but none seem to offer something along the lines of "show selected value as text", or something like that.

The controls are all dates or drop-down list selectors.

TIA for any guidance that might help resolve this.


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