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Will I lose my customizations if I upgrade to 4.0.4? [closed]

asked 2013-06-22 11:24:31 +0200

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updated 2015-11-02 21:56:28 +0200

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Hello all, just a question about 4.0.4 upgrade. I am currently using I believe. I have customized my menu's and toolbars, and I have some macros I created and such. In the past I have lost customizations or they didn't work, and I had to completely redo the menu customizations and/or my macros. I noted in the release notes for 4.0.4 that you would lose menu customizations if you upgraded to this release, was just checking to see if that meant I would have to waste all the time i previously put into customizing my menus/toolbars, or if they would survive.

If I don't upgrade, are there any security updates and such between 4.0.4 and that would make any vulnerabilities to my system? If not, then I don't think I'm going to upgrade at this time and lose all my customization work and the time I invested in it.

Has anyone at Libre Office put some time and effort into thinking of a way for users to retain their menu, toolbar and macro customizations upon upgrade?


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answered 2013-06-23 09:22:08 +0200

oweng gravatar image

My advice is to avoid relying on the upgrade process maintaining your settings. Take a backup of your User Profile. Your macros are stored under the basic/ directory and can be easily restored once the new install is complete. Toolbar customisations are stored under config/soffice.cfg/modules/<module_name>/toolbar/ and again can be copied back after the install, although to what degree your customisations work will depend on their nature.

Where did you read about menu customisations not surviving upgrade to v4.0.4? There is a list of bug fixes for each release here. I can't see any mention of "security" for either RC1 or RC2.

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Thanks for your helpful answer oweng. I just backed up my whole user profile for the installed version, so I will try an upgrade and if I lose my customizations then I will try your method for restoring. is the release notes for ver 4.0.4 final. 7th bullet pointed entry down "Some menu entries have changed or added. If you miss something, that may be due to the use of customised menu settings from your previous LibreOffice installation."

SteveH_66 gravatar imageSteveH_66 ( 2013-06-23 12:46:59 +0200 )edit

I may have misinterpreted that statement, so if I did and you can clear that up for me it would help me, and anyone else who might get the same idea from it that they will lose menu customizations. Although I haven't done many menu customizations that I can think of, more customizations to the toolbars showing at the top. Thanks again for your help

SteveH_66 gravatar imageSteveH_66 ( 2013-06-23 12:51:32 +0200 )edit

I thought that might have been the statement in question. I think it is a bit of a general catch-all statement to serve as a warning whenever the menus have been changed. It is understandable in this context. In any case, you should be OK if you backup your User Profile and then restore the parts that are important to you. I would advise against wholly copying your old profile back over the new one. Restore each area (macros, toolbars, menus) and test it as you go to narrow down any issues.

oweng gravatar imageoweng ( 2013-06-24 02:51:42 +0200 )edit

Also, please report your results back here if possible. What worked, what did not. Any information is helpful. Thanks.

oweng gravatar imageoweng ( 2013-06-24 02:52:40 +0200 )edit

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