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LibreOffice base crashes executing macro [closed]

asked 2013-06-22 17:51:38 +0100

Schorpioen gravatar image

updated 2015-11-03 05:37:49 +0100

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I tried to create a database with LibreOffice. It contains some macros. When starting the database I am first prompted to enable the macros. Then I get a contact form, containing several buttons. Most buttons activate macros that print a report. These reports are based on queries. I have created the database for someone who only uses Windows 8.

Now here is my problem:

I have created and tested the database in Windows Vista. Sometimes everything goes well, and sometimes not. The reason is not clear, because sometimes there is nothing changed and the next time it goes wrong again. I tried LibreOffice 4.03, 4.04 and 3.6, all versions with both JRE 1.6.0_22 and 1.7.0_25. One time everything works, sometimes the database crashes, after clicking a button to print a report. When using LO 3.6 and 4.0.3 the database seems to freeze (not responding) so I have to close LO and start again, each time with the message that the database must be restored. After this recovery than it will work again, even without something been changed. When LO 4.0.4 I get a window to restore the database immediately after clicking the same button. Then I start again to restore. After that I reopen the database and after clicking the same button I get the same window to restore the database.

When tested under Linux, I have had no crashes yet. Mageia with LO 4.0.3 and openSUSE with LO 3.6.

I really want it to work in Windows too.

Thanks in advance, Willem

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answered 2013-06-23 19:49:00 +0100

Schorpioen gravatar image

I already got an answer form Bugzilla. It seems the report-builder doesn't work in LO 4.0.4. It will be fixed in Version LO 4.0.5.

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answered 2013-06-22 18:30:51 +0100

Ahmad gravatar image

Hi Willem,

This is mostly a bug!

Can you please check if there is a similar bug already reported about Base crash and if not please sign up in Bugzilla and report a bug about this one.


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answered 2013-06-23 17:17:21 +0100

Schorpioen gravatar image

updated 2013-07-03 20:07:14 +0100

Hi Ahmad,

I reported the bug. I also tested the database using Apache OO, and so far I had no problems. I also have to correct my previous posting. Apparently it's not the macro that triggers the bug. Everytime I try to make a report by directly chosing it, I have the same crash. It doesn't matter what report. The queries give no problems.

Should be corrected with next update, I was told. However with version LO 4.1 daily build 2013-06-27 I had the same bug.


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