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How to make Barplots with secondary y-axis not to overlap eachothers

asked 2019-05-21 15:10:20 +0100

zimon gravatar image

I have three series. The 1st and 2nd are using primary Y-axis on the left. The 3rd one is using secondary Y-axis on the right side of the chart. Now the 3rd series bars are overlapping with the 1st and 2nd series bars in barplot.

I would want to have 3rd series bars to be like they would be if assigned to primary Y-axis, so not overloapping with 1st and 2nd series bars. How/where to tell LibreOffice Calc chart-methods to not overlap secondary bars with primary bars?

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answered 2019-06-02 21:46:09 +0100

catbill gravatar image

The same problem occurs with column charts, as reported in this bug report: It is not clear if another bug report should be filed.

Note that there is a work-around. Select the data series and right-click to open the Data series dialog. On the first page, drastically increase the spacing to 350% or so. (You probably don't need detailed instructions for this but am including them for others who run into this problem.)

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