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How do I start page numbee 1 in writer on a diufferent page than the first page in the document?

asked 2019-05-24 22:28:19 +0100

ed.kelemen gravatar image

I am formatting a writer document for publication and page number one will occur approximately 10 pages into the document and I am having difficulty in starting with page number one on any page other than the first page in the documenht.

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answered 2019-05-24 23:04:16 +0100

RGB-es gravatar image

Insert → More Breaks → Manual Break → check Page Break → pick a style (you can use the same style used in the previous page!) → check Change page number → pick the number.

If you are interested in learning more about Writer, how to use styles and more, check my free book about Writer This particular topic is explained in section 6.3.4 ;)

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Thank you for your book!

EasyTrieve gravatar imageEasyTrieve ( 2019-06-06 19:52:16 +0100 )edit
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