LO Base: How do you place an object on top of a table control? [closed]

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Hi all,

I want to draw a text box on top of the header column so I can have different sized text as the heading of a column in a table control, because you can't change the size of the header text for some reason. However, no matter what I do and what objects I use, they always go under the table control. Even choosing "Bring to Front" on the object doesn't work. So, how I do I put anything on top of the table?


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I also wish the styling of Table Controls and Group Boxes could be edited like all other controls with labels. Font size & color, background, line style, etc. If you have a styled form with coloring, the table control column headings (aka grid controls) and group boxes really stand out as dull and small, particularly if you have bigger fonts elsewhere in the form for old-folk readability.

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