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Unable to use Firefox Themes [closed]

asked 2019-05-30 02:33:32 +0200

sunstarunicorn gravatar image

Version of LibreOffice: Version: (x64)

I saw a couple questions dealing with this issue, but they seem to be for older versions of LibreOffice. In short, I just this week installed the latest version of LibreOffice so I could check it out. I had a 5.something version, with a theme installed. When I installed this version, my prior theme vanished to Lord only knows where and I'm unable to load any Firefox themes at all. When I put in a URL, I got 'No Results Found'. In fact, nothing from Firefox ever loaded at all. No featured, no nature, etc, etc.


  1. Open Options
  2. Click 'Personalization'
  3. Click 'Select Theme'
  4. Enter URL (
  5. Click 'Search'

I don't think I did anything wrong and my Internet connection is just fine, so any advice or help would be much appreciated.

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answered 2019-05-30 02:38:12 +0200

robleyd gravatar image - found by typing firefox themes in the search box above.

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Comments about Mozilla kinda ruining it for LibreOffice. Thank you for the link and I shall look forward to when Themes/Personas make a comeback. In the meantime, thanks to an old installer and my backup, I do have my old version of LibreOffice (and it's theme [yay!]) back.

sunstarunicorn gravatar imagesunstarunicorn ( 2019-05-30 02:58:48 +0200 )edit

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