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I am using Windows 7 Pro. When I tried to install the 4.03 update, it kept telling me that I had apps open I needed to close, but instead of listing the names of the apps, it only gave numbers, which meant nothing to me. I tried closing every application that was running in the background to no avail. Tried installing it in safe mode, still no joy. Had to uninstall Libre and make it a clean install. Now, I went to install 4.04, same problem. Only worse! I aborted the install, which seemed to corrupt the previous install, (got this error Error 1335. The cabinet file 'libreoffice1.cab' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used")so now it seems I have no choice, but to uninstall it AGAIN. I am getting sick of this - I think if I have to uninstall it again, I may think about trying another program.

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