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Can you import a LibreOffice calc spreadsheet into a Libreoffice Database? [closed]

asked 2013-06-26 16:42:26 +0100

7kim78 gravatar image

Hi, I was wondering if there is any way one can take a LibreOffice calc spreadsheet and export/transform it into a LibreOffice Database? I have a LibreOffice database with lots of great information, and I would like to take the LibreOffice calc spreadsheet that has been created and basically let the original database absorb and change it (to match). Is this possible? Can the data from the Calc spreadsheet be converted into the LibreOffice database?

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answered 2013-06-26 22:05:57 +0100

m.a.riosv gravatar image

Please take a look in the help for "Importing and Exporting Data in Base"

Also you can find more information about base here:
Accessing a spreadsheet as a data source, page 26.

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