Impress: How to define slide master elements as background?

asked 2019-06-06 19:47:44 +0200

Gibtnix gravatar image

Hello everyone,

I'm into a small issue with Impress' slide masters. I would like to define a few objects as background such that I can enable and disable them by the 'Show slide master background' checkbox. Interestingly, this seems not to be possible at all?

I can only modify the background by inserting a background image... I even tried to create a dummy background with Draw with the same size as my slides as well as the respective elements and import this as an SVG image. This works, but gets rasterized after importing as background.

My intention is to define elements as background because I want them to be visible even if the slide master elements are hidden. For example on a title slide, I want to show the background elements (to keep the theme) but I want to hide different slide master elements like the slide number. How can this be achieved? My only solution was to hide all master elements and manually copy the ones from the slide master that I want to be visible.

Does anybode have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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