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This is driving me crazy. I want a basic grammar check and spell check to work with LO5. One that does not take an entire day to tell me about a single mistake! (LO 5 is the only viable version of LO on a Chromebook.)

Language tool opens and then takes forever to move on from any suggested correction.

I would like a basic spell check and a basic grammar check. BUT I want a grammar and spell check that does not take forever.

Removing Language Tool leaves me, it seems, with nothing at all that works.

All I want is to have a Basic UK spell check so I pick out the American words I have used. (I write in the US and UK English.) And a grammar checker that will tell me I missed full stops or put commas in the wrong place. It does not seem a lot to ask of a Word Processor and I must be doing something wrong!

I cannot see anything I should have done I have not done under Tools-Options.

I tried Scribens once before and found it less than useful.

I cannot install ProWritingAid or Grammarly although I use them a lot as this is a Chromebook and not a Windows machine or a Mac. ( do use those in Google Docs prior to making my LibreOffice file, but now I am wondering if that is why I get so much trouble with LO. I will make another question about that.)

Edited to say I finally added every possible extension and every possible dictionary. Only Scribens seemed to work fast enough to do anything. However, this does not seem to pick up missing punctuation.

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