How can I make Hunspell Spell Checker Dictionary for my language [closed]

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I made an extension for Punjabi taking Hindi Hunspell Dictionary as base. I changed all the locales and names in the folder and copied the folder “dict-pa” to “C:\Program Files (x86)\LibreOffice 4.0\share\extensions”. It also shows as an extension in Extension Manager. But it does not show words from its database like it does in Hindi Dictionary. And it is showing errors for even correct words. Hindi dictionary is working fine. Do I really need to write name of dictionary for every locale in ‘description.xml’,locales who even don’t use it. The Dictionary is alright,it works very well for Punjabi Input in Firefox. Am I missing something here? How do you actually make an Hunspell Extension for Libre Office.

I am using Libre Office on Windows 7 Basic 64 Bit.

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