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audio fails to launch when copied to another computer

asked 2019-07-05 20:21:54 +0100

notakwanon gravatar image

I am working on an Impress presentation with about 25 frames, being constructed on a win7 computer and running libreoffice 6.1. I have inserted an audio clip, and this runs properly on the computer used to construct the presentation. However, when copied onto a memory stick, or copied over to a win10 laptop, the audio does not launch. Launch fails even after I have re-established the filename of the audio, though everything else, frames & timing, run perfectly. What has to be done to get the audio clip to launch? Thanks.

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answered 2019-07-06 14:01:01 +0100

Opaque gravatar image


  • File Link

You may have added your audio files insterted using the "Insert as Link"-Options to the audiofile instead of embedding the audio file. This link will get lost if you move the presentation to another computer.

  • Suport of Audio File

LibreOffice does not play media on its own. It requires some prerequistes (i.e CODECS) to play audio content. So the advice is to check your alternate computer to be able to run the audio-type you added to your prestentation at all. Try to copy the original filename (w/o using LibreOffice) and test we you can get your audio file working. If that's not the case, start enabling the alternate computer to support the audio file-type first.

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answered 2019-07-11 22:01:16 +0100

notakwanon gravatar image

After much time & ripping of hair I ran each audio clip individually thru audacity, converting it from mp3 and exporting in wav format. Then inserted each clip into Impress and re-attached each link. The presentation now runs properly. I do not have a reason why my audio was not running inside the presentation, but must assume that win10, impress, mp3, and VLC do not play nicely together. The 'insert' suggested above plays audio on only a single slide - I am playing thru 20 with audio in the background of the presentation.

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