Get non-tabular data from web

asked 2019-07-06 15:03:56 +0100

altaz gravatar image

How can I get non-tabular data from web pages? For instance,

Last price data from the following page:

or (4.31) value from the following

I've tried FILTERXML and WEBSERVICE combinations, but it did not work. I could do it in Excel via a third party tool "Seo Tools" and using 'XPathOnUrl' as below:

=XPathOnUrl("","//[@id='MainContent_PanelInfo']/div[1]/ul[1]/li[1]/span") =XPathOnUrl("","//[@id='slide']/div[3]/div/div[1]/div/div[2]/p[1]/span[2]")

How can I implement in LibreOffice?


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