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The attached document has an issue; the table lines in the right-hand table (which contains a grey grid) aren't adjacent with the lines on the left hand table (containing names such as "1/4 note triplets"), even though the height of all rows in both tables is set to 1cm.

This issue seems to begin on the horizontal line between the '32ND NOTE "23s”' & '32ND NOTE “25s”' rows; the grey line to the right is slightly lower than the black line between the two names, a trend which seems to continue for the remainder of the page, with the gap between the two growing slightly with each subsequent row. All right-hand tables were created and then dragged to touch each other, leaving no gaps between them, therefore I am not sure how or why this is happening. Whilst not the biggest problem, it is annoying and makes the document look less professional. Any advice would be fantastic.

Note: I had to make the right-hand tables individual past a certain point, rather than simply one table with split cells, because past a certain number splitting cells in one row affects the cells in other rows, making the cells appear with differing widths, which destroys the consistency/utility of the document i.e. it was necessary to do it this way.

C:\fakepath\Simple Time Note Value & Common Tuplet Blank Table (Portrait) [A3; Single-voice; 16th note quin:septuplet version; Divisions over one & two 4:4 beats].odt

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I didn't see anything in your document but a very complex structure. I wonder if it's a matter of accumulating small residue along the vertical direction: your left table has borders with 0.05pt width while the right ones have no borders. However, if this is the reason, the "overflow" should be on the left table, not at right. With high magnification, I noticed the gray line is wider between 32ND-27s and 32ND-29s. Maybe the lower table (29s) has not been positioned where it should.

On my computer, your fonts have been substituted; this also could make a difference.

Remember that the gray lines are screen reminders and don't print. If you need them on paper, you must define borders with gray colour.

With such a complex form, I wonder if Writer is the appropriate tool. You can't use Calc because your row widths (number of ...(more)

ajlittoz gravatar imageajlittoz ( 2019-07-14 08:32:45 +0200 )edit