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Calc - how to select cell text at first-click, without having to double click or f2?

asked 2019-07-15 11:38:38 +0200

andradada gravatar image

It's very tiresome for having to "choose" a cell, by double-clicking it, or pressing f2, so just after that I select text as any notepad editor does.

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Your wish does not seem to be possible with Calc. That may be because Calc is not a word processor. I suspect you have the wrong tool for your desired task. You describe a single function, but unfortunately not what you want to achieve overall.

ebot gravatar imageebot ( 2019-07-15 12:33:52 +0200 )edit

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answered 2019-07-15 11:42:55 +0200

kompilainenn gravatar image

Just copy cell at once by Ctrl+C and you'll copy any text from the cell. Then you'll can paste it into any software

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That's not at all what I want. Selection of text like a notepad, if it's possible at all, is something pretty simple.

andradada gravatar imageandradada ( 2019-07-15 11:48:17 +0200 )edit

but why is like in the notepad?

kompilainenn gravatar imagekompilainenn ( 2019-07-15 13:02:48 +0200 )edit

In a notepad you don't have to double-click to enable text selection.

andradada gravatar imageandradada ( 2019-07-15 13:40:11 +0200 )edit

If you want notepad functionality then don't use Calc, use Writer instead.

erAck gravatar imageerAck ( 2019-07-15 16:43:19 +0200 )edit
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