big table in Base slow, which Java? (Linux Mint)

asked 2019-07-17 20:25:08 +0200

MatthijsG gravatar image

I've imported an .csv into Base with 4193 rows & 80 columns. When i'm searching through this file, the search is ut-ter-ly slow. Even the Brexit is quicker .. Searching the CSV into Calc gives me instant results. Also, importing in Kexi is working fine.

One suggestion is to alter the Java. Now i've 3 Java's (OpenJDK version 11 and 2 version 8 - i think stayed from an update), but which one is the best for Linux?

Another suggestion is to have the bit-size the same (or 32 bit or 64 bit). How can i determine if LibreOffice is 64bit?

Are there different settings i could look at?

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