I'm looking for a workflow suggestion regarding mail merge

asked 2019-07-17 22:53:53 +0200

i currently generate a report daily, and use emacs to edit the report down to a csv.

i then create a database named for the date (eg 07-17-19.odb) from the csv, and manually update my mailmerge-ready writer documents to print welcome packets for my clients.

i'd like to be able to streamline this a bit, and the biggest hiccup appears to be that i am manually updating the mailmerge documents to use the appropriate database.

is it possible to simply write into a common database, removing previous entries, etc?

is there another work flow solution i haven't considered?

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Doesn't simply using CSV as the mailmerge DB not work for you? Why not just make the CSV name constant, and have it updated from emacs?

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2019-07-18 01:22:45 +0200 )edit

so i dont think i quite understand. you're telling me i can use the csv without making it into an odb?

omg it worx!!! thank you thank you!

bigMouthCommie gravatar imagebigMouthCommie ( 2019-07-18 02:59:56 +0200 )edit