I can not print multiple pictures on one sheet

asked 2019-07-26 00:26:16 +0200

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(LO version 5)
(Trying to print business-cards) I can print 16 pages (from a writer-file) on one sheet of A4 paper - but only text. I can not print 16 pages of pictures on one sheet of A4

What I see:
Selecting multiple pages (itc 16 pages) on one sheet gives a small preview window showing 16 pages (the completet file) When it's text, it is shown as expected, and print as it should.

When it's pictures, the preview window show 16 pages (on one sheet) - but only the first picture is shown. When printing, only the first page contains the picture. The rest of the sheet is empty.

Details & what I have tried:
When trying to print-preview one of the pages that do not show up in the 'multiple page pr. sheet' setting, everything looks normal.
Thinking that LO rejects identical pages, I tried adding a different letter to each page (with no luck)
- - - - - - - ++ - - -- - - - identical (copy-pasted) pictures, I tried inserting the picture on each individul page (instead of just copy-pasting the first page) (Still no luck)
Inspired by an answer on this page, I tried check-marking the boxes forcing LO to use the printer settings, and later also specifying the individual pages to be printed - instead of 'print all' (Still no luck)
I have tried checking every single setting for both page and picture, and they appear identical on the printing and non-printing pages.
I have tried (nearly) all combinations of printing/non-printing background pictures, objects, hidden text and more (also tried to play with the picture properties, in particular the page lay-out box for pictures) (without luck)

This irks me... LO can print the picture on 1/16th of the page, so it's not a scaling (or page size) problem - and since the 'multiple pages' function works fine with text, it shouldn't be a printer driver problem.

The same answer suggested converting to .pdf - I have not tried that yet, as I would prefer a solution within LO.

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Is it possible to upload the file?

gtomorrow gravatar imagegtomorrow ( 2019-07-26 11:53:44 +0200 )edit

No :)
And it's possible to print the problematic file:
The morning after (a few hours ago) I tried the obvious cheat, and that worked...

I simply changied the printer properties in LO's print command box (on the 'general' TAB), so that every page sent from LO is printed on one 16th of a sheet - the problem is that changing properties in the printer driver affects all programs, and I prefer to keep settings within the relevant program.

Since things are OK when printing text (The name on the front side of the card) and LO CAN print the graphic on a 16th of a sheet (but only one time) I do believe that the problem isn't a bug, but some feature trying to protect me from myself (like how everything is impossible in MS Office) and that somewhere deep within the LO settings there will be a ...(more)

Blackjack gravatar imageBlackjack ( 2019-07-26 19:20:14 +0200 )edit