idlc.exe crash when building libreoffice on windows 7 64 bit [closed]

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Hi, When I build the latest libreoffice on windows 7 64bit, I got the following error.

$ /opt/lo/bin/make /opt/lo/bin/make -j 1 -rs -f D:/libo/Makefile.gbuild [build DEP] LNK:Library/iunoidl.lib [build DEP] LNK:Executable/ucpp.exe [build DEP] LNK:Library/istore.lib [build DEP] LNK:Library/isalhelper.lib [build DEP] LNK:Library/iuwinapi.lib [build DEP] LNK:Library/isal.lib [build DEP] LNK:Library/ireg.lib [build DEP] LNK:Executable/idlc.exe [build DEP] LNK:Executable/cppumaker.exe [build DEP] LNK:StaticLibrary/codemaker_cpp.lib [build DEP] LNK:StaticLibrary/codemaker.lib [build IDL] udkapi/com/sun/star/idl make[1]: * [D:/libo/workdir/] Error 3 make: * [build] Error 2

And at the same time, An error dialog showed "idlc.exe has stoped working.". It means ildc.exe crash... Any suggestions?

I compile the same source code in two different windows 7, and get the same problem.

After google and google, I can't get nothing useful.

Thanks in advance.

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hello, I am also trying to build Libreoffice on windows7 (32bit) nad i am referring this below link ""

After run this command "/opt/lo/bin/make " I got this error " make[1]: INTERNAL: Exiting with 1 jobserver token availabl;e; should be 2. make:*[build] error2."

Please Anyone tell me what should I do to build libreoffice successfully.

Regards, Afreen Bano

afreen bano gravatar imageafreen bano ( 2014-01-10 15:40:35 +0200 )edit