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For the past few months, I have been using Libre Office Writer 3.4.4 000340m1 (Build 402) on Ubuntu 11.10** to produce a complex document which contains many frames and tables. More than once I have needed to change the order of pages, which contain several frames.

I have begun by inserting some pages, in order to create extra space into which the frames I want to move can be pasted. However, so far I have been forced to cut and paste each frame individually, because I cannot find a way of doing them together.

Under the Format menu, Group (4 from the bottom) would appear to offer this facility, but all of its 4 options remain greyed out - no matter what combination of Shift/Ctrl/Alt keys I press to try and select more than one of the frames.

With other word processing programmes it has been possible to perform this operation by simply holding down the Shift key while selecting several frames, and then cutting & pasting or dragging all of them to the desired new location.

Please, can you help me to achieve this with Libre Office

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Hi Anonymous, Have you found an answer for your question? Please let us know so we can endeavour to help you. Thanks!

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