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how can i set libre calc to open all spread sheets as excel keeps kicking in?

asked 2019-08-14 13:13:38 +0200

slimboyfat gravatar image

excel keeps overiding on opening spreadsheets

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answered 2019-08-14 13:46:10 +0200

Opaque gravatar image

updated 2019-08-14 13:48:20 +0200


most likely your file associations have been removed or changed. If you are using Windows, open your File Manager (Windows Explorer), go to the directory were one of your Calc | Excel file is stored and do not double click on the file name but right click with your mouse and select Open with from the context menu. Select LibreOffice Calc as the application and don't forget to check option Always use this app to open whatever extension is here files.

Note A redefinition of the file extension association to an application may occur on MS Office Updates and/or even Windows Update.

Hope that helps.

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