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Mysterious Err:540 error code

asked 2019-08-25 16:31:40 +0200

Michaud79 gravatar image

I have a file with a bunch of formulas of all kinds, no recent changes. Today, every single cell shows Error 540. It's not even an actual LibreOffice error message, as far as I know. Weird. I can't find anything about it on Google, which is even weirder. Any help would be appreciated!

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answered 2019-08-25 16:39:40 +0200

It is an actual LibreOffice error message; see relevant 6.3 help page for its description.

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answered 2019-08-25 17:08:20 +0200

Michaud79 gravatar image

Oh, right, it is! Thank you for that, Mike. I had looked this page up:

A follow up question, if I may. Usually, an "update" external files button shows up at the top of the page, but it isn't there anymore. There also is a message in the status bar: External content disabled. Perhaps a change of default setting after a software update? I've tried changing security settings in preferences, as well as the linked files in Edit>Links to external files... but had no success. Any suggestions?

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  1. This is not a forum - this is an Ask site, where a question will receive one or several proposed solutions. Your reply isn't a solution to your question; why have you used a box labeled "Propose your solution" to ask another question? You should either used a comment tool to add a comment to the answer, or - to file another question, to allow others looking for a similar thing, to find it (and answers to it).
  2. Unfortunately, I don't know how that's possible. I don't remember such status bar message (do we really have a place for that in the bar?). You didn't state your LO version; possibly a screenshot would help... and description what happened (an upgrade?); did you try resetting user profile, etc.
Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2019-08-25 17:46:45 +0200 )edit
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