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I have a problem with a hyperlink in an Excel file. The file can be found here.

In Microsoft Office Excel when I put the mouse pointer over cell B8 it displays the message shown here:

mouse-over cell

In Excel when I right-click cell B8 and select Edit hyperlink I saw javascript: ReadAcct (‘002231710034 ‘, ‘082’, ‘TD’); as shown here:

edit cell

In Libre Office v4.0.4 the hyperlink does not show. I have tried several ways but all have been unsuccessful. I think Libre Office does not support this feature. Please help me.

The related original question can be found here: http://en.libreofficeforum.org/node/6271#comment-26287

PS: Sorry, my English is not good.

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I have edited the question for greater clarity. My response in the same thread can be found here: http://en.libreofficeforum.org/node/6271#comment-26300 I will leave it for others to confirm that what I have said is accurate and provide a possible answer. If none is forthcoming I will repeat what I have stated over in the other forum.

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