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Maintaining a database for several independent users (solved)

asked 2019-09-02 21:09:22 +0100

Pansmanser gravatar image

updated 2019-09-03 13:42:13 +0100

I have an embedded database in which counsellors record their client data. Each counsellor has their own version of the base file. If/when I modify the front end, I must upgrade each user's version, while preserving their individual data. Perhaps this would be better achieved in a split database - advice welcome. How simple is it in each case to copy the old tables into a fresh version of the base file?

Ubuntu 16.04, LO (with firebird)

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answered 2019-09-02 21:59:35 +0100

Ratslinger gravatar image


All the data for Firebird is is one file within the .odb.

Open the .odb with an archive manager - may need to change extension to .zip.

Double click on database folder

File is firebird.fbk - can copy & paste into different .odb

Remember - always have a backup copy before performing operations where something can go wrong.

Another option to consider - using Base with a connection to a Firebird File. Here the data is external to the .odb but now when changing the front end you would need to change the connection string back to where the the external Firebird file is located.

Hard to say which is the method to use. Have done both and also a portable split - see -> How can I create a portable split embedded/local firebird database in the manner that is done with HSQLDB?

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Thanks, as always, Ratslinger. The .fbk is just what I needed.

Pansmanser gravatar imagePansmanser ( 2019-09-03 13:42:02 +0100 )edit
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