Why does Insert Envelope wizard concatenate multiple address lines to one on closing and reopening Writer? [closed]

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On using the Insert Envelope wizard in Writer, why does it concatenate multiple lines into a single line after closing and reopening Writer? Is this a bug or is their an alternate character you must manually insert to maintain the line break for the default address?

For example, if you use the Insert Envelope wizard to create an envelope, you might enter the following values into the 'Sender' block:

Sender Name
Sender Street
Sender City and State

If you then close Writer, reopen it, and try to create a new envelope using the Insert Envelope wizard into a new document the address blocks are populated with the previous address entries, but they have been concatenated into a single line, such as this:

Sender Name Sender Street Sender City and State

Is there any way to stop this concatenation from happening? Is the system expecting you to terminate each line with a special character to prevent concatenation? Is this a configuration issue?

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