Please allow for no highlight/color printing of a calc sheet, like in Excel [closed]

asked 2013-07-31 12:10:56 +0200

kostis gravatar image that a sheet can be colorful and easy to navigate in, but also an ink-saver.

Sometimes you want to be working on a well-designed sheet, and color formatting/highlights help a lot! But you only want to print text and lines, no color whatsoever, not even grayscale tones, for obvious reasons of economy in ink.

This is not a printer setting, it's an app setting, printer intependent, which in Excel is called Black and white printing. (Page Setup, click the Sheet tab. Under Print, select the Black and white check box.)

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Instead of just closing these items, how about pointing users to the the place where they can find the actual solution. A simple link would help. As it is, every other search option leads to a question that's simply been closed as not relevant or outdated. That's incredibly unhelpful.

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