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can you link data between sheets

asked 2019-09-19 21:35:44 +0200

marvml33 gravatar image

When I enter data into Sheet 1 I would like to update that data to sheet 2

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answered 2019-09-19 23:30:38 +0200

keme gravatar image

Is one of these what you are after?

Active link

You can have a formula in any cell of sheet 2, referencing any cell in sheet 1.

Type into the top left cell (A1) in sheet 2:='Sheet 1'.A1

When there is something in that cell in sheet 1, it will also appear in Sheet 2. You have an active link. If the referenced cell is empty, the formula will assume a numeric calculation, and return a zero which will show up in sheet 2.

Simultaneous data entry

You can enter data into several sheets at once. Click on the tab for the first sheet you are editing, then shift-click the last tab if you want to enter into a continuous row of sheets, or ctrl-click to pick specific sheets.

Note that the set of sheets will remain selected when you click on either one of them. It is easy to inadvertently modify/overwrite data on sheets "in the back" when you use this procedure. Use shift-click or ctrl-click again to "free" the sheets. or click on a sheet tab outside the group.

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