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set to autocorrect as you type in writer [closed]

asked 2013-08-04 17:53:45 +0200

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updated 2015-11-05 22:52:49 +0200

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hi ...

i have just installed version and wonder if it is possible to do as per the title of my query?? I am running windows 7 and alternate between UK English keyboard and Spanish ...

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answered 2013-08-04 22:24:57 +0200

manj_k gravatar image

You can activate AutoCorrect (while typing) via
menu Format → AutoCorrect → While typing (enabled),
menu Tools → AutoCorrect Options...Options tab
☑ ☑ Use replacement table (enabled).

The correct language attribute of the text can be set (e.g.) via
menu Tools → Language ...
the language field in the Status Bar
the system input language (on Windows).

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