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how to insert outline numbered Header(3) style

asked 2019-10-09 01:43:56 +0200

ostbits gravatar image

I am trying to insert a new header in an existing file. I have:

  1. header 1
    1.1 header 2
    1.2 header 2
    1.2.1 header 3 <= I want to insert
  2. header 1

But I can't seem to do it right How can I insert a new header with outline numbering in an existing document. I have tried changing the Header 3 style (using level 3) and I have tried to insert outline numbers using the bullet & number pulldown but the header 3 style doesn't link to the header 2 style, instead it links to the nearest bulleted list. I'm out of ideas.

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2 Answers

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answered 2019-10-10 00:27:05 +0200

ostbits gravatar image

Version: (x64) win10/laptop,, win7/desctop Current discussion on laptop version.

Well I'm sorry about the confusion, but let's start over.

This is what I want:
1 Header 1
1.1 Header 2
1.1.1 Header 3
1.1.2 Header 3
1.2 Header 2
2 Header 1

and so on.

Using your recmmended method (enter header followed by a return) I get Header 1 and no outline numbers. How did you get this to work?

Now this is some additional information.
1: Modifying Headerx->Outline Numbering shows "numbering style" greyed out.
2: Using paragraph popup on Header x allows change of "numbering style" in "Outline & Numbering". This is directly contrary to your statement.
3: After modifying the "Numbering Style" in the paragraph, the Modify->Headerx "Numbering Style" is editable.

After step 2 above I get outline numbering.
After step 3 above I get outline numbering.

Doing Modify->Headerx->Organizer->Inherit By and setting this to Header x - 1 (Header2 inherits from Header 1 etc.) has no effect. That is, if the Outline Numbering was not set initially, it is not set after.

I hope that this isn't too confusing but I really don't understand how you can achieve the outline numbering without modifying something. It doesn't seem to work. Further, if the 'numbering' scheme is to change then the Header style must be changed to reflect this. Is there another way that you know that I am missing? I am totally confused by your response.

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answered 2019-10-09 07:48:05 +0200

ajlittoz gravatar image

Your explanation is quite confused. I don't understand what you've exactly done. The standard procedure is:

Insert your to-be-header paragraph in its location. Usually, you press Return at this end of the previous paragraph and type your text. After typing, select from the toolbar paragraph style drop-down menu Header 3. You're done.

Don't play with style definitions, this is useless. Never add bullet or numbering to a Heading n paragraph, this will create an unmanageable mess because header numbering is independent from list numbering.

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