Problem inserting videos in impress

asked 2019-10-15 17:45:04 +0100

Pansmanser gravatar image

updated 2019-10-15 18:59:31 +0100

Ubuntu 18.04, LO and others. Lately inserting videos in impress has failed. In the control program, the video displays like this C:\fakepath\screen.png

In the slide show, sound is there, but no picture. Issue affects mp4, wmv, flv. But ogv works correctly.

Has perhaps some change to Ubuntu upset LO? If so where should I look?

EDIT: My wife's system, although nominally identical software, behaves differently. Whenever she attempts to insert a video, LO crashes.

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Thanks ebot. I don't think these links have told me anything new. I find codecs confusing, but I think everything is present. How can I check?

Pansmanser gravatar imagePansmanser ( 2019-10-15 18:57:06 +0100 )edit

... I think ...

is of some degree of uncertainty. Do your files of type mp4, wmv and .flv play without being embedded in Impress (any other application)? If not, assure it can (afaik gstreamer stuff is required)

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2019-10-15 23:05:17 +0100 )edit

Yes, they do. For the moment, I have worked round the problem with a shell call to vlc.

Pansmanser gravatar imagePansmanser ( 2019-10-20 20:28:42 +0100 )edit