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How do I fix Error 1334 the file intro.png cannot be installed because the file can't be found in cabinet file

asked 2019-10-17 23:19:04 +0100

Frank Giorno gravatar image

I can't install liberoffice 6.2.8 because I get a notice that intro.png file is missing from How do I fix this problem? Can I locate the liberoffice cabinet folder and fix it? Please advise.

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answered 2019-10-18 00:38:43 +0100

keme gravatar image

Most likely you need to download the installer again.

However, first reboot and see whether any updates need finishing. Pending/unfinished Windows updates sometimes make other software give strange/misleading error messages. If your computer indicates that the reboot will finish an update, you may not need a new download.

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