Way to populate labels from a folder of images? [closed]

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Ok, so I have an imagemagick script that does several things with an image dropped in a hot folder, one of the things it does is create a label for the image. This label is a JPG, scaled to fit an Avery 5160. it has a number of complex graphic elements that are not easy to replicate in LibreOffice, and, well they're already done in imagemagick ;) so, the question is:

can any one think of/point me to a way to auto-populate my labels from the folder of pre-made images that ImageMagick spits out for me? This is a relatively high-volume project and any and all automation that can be accomplished is greatly appreciated... in the mean time I'm playing with assembling the labels in ImageMagick to a PDF, but LibreOffice offers easier previewing and printing and I'd love to maintain that advantage...

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