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When using PPT, how do I make a slide full screen when projecting to a screen?

asked 2019-10-27 11:20:47 +0100

Grampa Dan gravatar image

On versions of Office PPT, there is a little icon on the bottom of the screen( lower center right) that when you click on it, will make the current slide go full screen. The only way to revert back would be to press the ESC key....I can't seem to be able to do this with this program.

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answered 2019-10-27 15:37:24 +0100

HerCorns gravatar image

Is that in edit mode? If you go to presentation mode press "[F5]" to start from slide one "[Shift]+[F5]" to start from the current slide.

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Grampa Dan gravatar imageGrampa Dan ( 2019-10-28 10:52:44 +0100 )edit
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