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How do set print size in percentage? [closed]

asked 2013-08-16 19:18:26 +0200

Joey Adams gravatar image

updated 2015-11-06 23:23:40 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image

Does LibreOffice Writer (4.1) have an option to scale to, say, 85 percent when printing? In Microsoft Word 2007, I can just go to "Page Setup" and give a percentage next to the portrait or landscape option. LibreOffice doesn't have a Page Setup menu item, and I didn't find a zoom setting after looking through the options presented by "File -> Print..." and "Format -> Page...".

Is there a zoom option somewhere that lets me specify percentage? Or do I have to print from another program?

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answered 2013-08-16 21:56:59 +0200

Peter von Bertoldi gravatar image

Hi Joey, Could not find in Writer, but if you make a pdf 'File|Export as PDF', some programs offer the option to Scale the page on printing, like Evince

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