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which template is default?

asked 2019-11-06 22:10:52 +0200

Morgan gravatar image

OK, there's been more questions asked about templates in LibreOffice than I've had hot dinners - but, this one doesn't seem to have been asked - I found 'MODIFY (edit)- not reassign default template?' - but, that didn't quite get there either...

Now, I know - because I've read (some) of the template Q&As - that there need not be a template if one's never been set, but I've been using LibreOffice or it's former incarnation for over 15 years - I know I've set a default.

BUT, I have no idea which template, amongst the many I've created, is the default. How do I find which template is being used by LibreOffice as the default?

Because, I want to edit the default, rather than creating yet another file on my system.


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2 Answers

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answered 2019-11-06 22:30:33 +0200

Opaque gravatar image


if you are using your own templates and you know one ist the default, you'll get its name by File -> Templates -> Manage Templates and look for the template having a little check mark right top of the thumbnail.

image description

Hope that helps.

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Regarding @Lupp's answer: That's why my answer starts using if ... own templates, emphasizing that there is no default template file, if you never created your own file.

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2019-11-06 22:35:00 +0200 )edit

That's what I wanted to know! Thank you sooo much.

Morgan gravatar imageMorgan ( 2019-11-07 15:02:47 +0200 )edit

And, strangely, amongst the 43 odd personal templates I've created over the years - now I know what to look for - none appears to be a default (despite knowing I changed the default font to Calibri years ago before anybody else was using it - almost before M$ was using it - how did I do that without making a template... anyway, now I know how to stop Calibri being my default font).

Morgan gravatar imageMorgan ( 2019-11-07 15:13:49 +0200 )edit

answered 2019-11-06 22:25:30 +0200

Lupp gravatar image

Writer hasn't something like a ' that you could edit. A buil-in default is used if no user template is explicitly chosen and also no template is set as 'Default' for Writer.

You can define any number of templates and save them anywhere. If you want a template to be shown in the template manager, you need to import it to this tool.

Any template shown in the template manager for the respective category can be made 'Default' using the context menu of its thumbnail represntation. This done choosing 'New' from the 'File' menu for Writer will create a new untitled document from that template. In the manager windowlet, a little icon is added to emphasize the 'Defauölt'. ...

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@Lupp - posts crossed, sorry.

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2019-11-06 22:35:40 +0200 )edit
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