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change the default font in calc

asked 2019-11-09 20:43:26 +0100

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change the default font in calc

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answered 2019-11-09 23:38:59 +0100

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updated 2019-11-09 23:39:42 +0100


to change the default font for calc, perform:

  • Open an empty (new) spreadsheet
  • Go to Styles -> Manage Styles (or use F11)
  • On Cell Styles (leftmost icon) Right Click -> Modify on Default
  • Select the desired font in tab Font
  • Click OK
  • Select File -> Templates -> Save as Template
  • Select a Template Name (e.g. MyCalcDefault)
  • Select a Template Category (e.g. My Templates)
  • Important: Tick option [x] Set as default template
  • Click button Save
  • Close your file
  • Open an new spreadsheet and check your new settings

Hope that helps.

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