Cannot Save Data in LO Base Form

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My db will not allow me to save data in it anymore. This is a task manager that I made. I haven't had time to use it in a while. At one point, LO crashed while I was using Present and the db was open. [I didn't think much about it until after this problem arose, but, every time I open LO, a Document Recovery window opens and asks to recover the db. I've discarded the recovery and saved a copy, but neither work correctly.]

I copy/pasted the table & form to begin a new month, and set the data source in this month's form to the new table. So far, so good. It seemed to be working fine. I began to enter notes into a field, then saved and exited to check something in a table.

Now it will not save anything. I can delete records and that change will save. If I enter any data, that data remains in the field for every record, and I do not get an option to save the record. When I exit from the form, it will not save anything.

I tried to insert a new record and got the following error:

image description

I searched this error and came the page below. I tried to run the SQL command, but kept having errors.

My table name had spaces and periods, and the SQL window would change the color of the table & ID name when I got to those. I duplicated the table so I could rename it and replace the spaces and periods with underscores. Even this does not allow me to run the command. I tried it with and without quotes and parenthesis. (The table is now named Tasks_v2_01_11_Nov_2019; ID is named Task ID.)

I've just spent 4 hours trying to fix this and am at a complete loss. For what it's worth, this db worked just fine until I let it migrate from HSQLDB to Firebird. Since then, I've spent orders of magnitude more time fixing problems than actually using my db; it's very disheartening. Is Firebird buggy, or am I having bad luck?

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It would help if you state just what the error message from the SQL is. A sample of the Base file would also help.

Yes there are some obstacles to overcome in using Firebird embedded. Seeing as you used the migration process, the old HSQLDB files are still in the .odb and you can go back to using them if it is a concern of yours.

Notes on reversal can be found here ->

Ratslinger gravatar imageRatslinger ( 2019-11-10 18:17:28 +0100 )edit

Thanks, Ratslinger.

I've been trying, and now cannot get the db to give me an error. It just refuses to save anything now.

What do you mean by a sample of the base file? Should I remove personal data and upload the .odb?

I have a basic sub-table for the form. I just realized that, if I edit in the table, then I can save the record. I cannot save anything if I enter it into the form, though.

Re: reverting to HSQLDB; I rebuilt this db b/c I goofed, clicked too quickly, and accidentally migrated the original db to Firebird b/c of the migration auto-prompt window. After migrating, the old db was unusable. Since it seemed like the switch to Firebird was happening, I decided to just rebuild it. It worked fine for a while, and now - POOF! - I have 4 forms and 4 tables in ...(more)

Ninpodeshi gravatar imageNinpodeshi ( 2019-11-13 11:14:22 +0100 )edit