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Autofill Skills in Resume

asked 2019-11-22 12:59:29 +0100

himatech gravatar image

I have many skills and I do not want to display all of them in my resume otherwise it will span over multiple pages. Is there a way I can have some sort of a database that my resume can read from to only show the skills relevant to the job description, I'm applying for?

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answered 2019-11-22 17:36:04 +0100

ebot gravatar image

updated 2019-11-22 17:36:47 +0100

I do not think you need a base or a database.

Look in Writer in the menu Extras>AutoText....

I myself have not worked with it yet.

But I think it can be your workflow.

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With me Windows 10 Home; Version 1909; 64-Bit | LibreOffice, Version: (x64).

ebot gravatar imageebot ( 2019-11-22 17:36:23 +0100 )edit

I tried your suggestion. It's not really what I'm looking for.

himatech gravatar imagehimatech ( 2019-11-22 19:59:56 +0100 )edit
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