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How do I get rid of these little "L" brackets?!

asked 2019-11-25 03:15:09 +0200

S_Rock gravatar image

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See that little greyed out L above the blinking cursor? There's one on the other side as well. HOW do I get rid of these? I don't want them showing up every time I start a new document. Please help me! Sarah

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-11-25 11:49:00 +0200

ProLogic gravatar image

updated 2019-11-25 11:49:33 +0200

To disable these little text boundaries (it's how it is called on LO), go to the top menu at >"View" then uncheck the >"Text Boundaries". The little grayed L will disappear.

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THANK you so much! I tried clicking so many things :D Now they're gone and it's much less distracting. XOXO

S_Rock gravatar imageS_Rock ( 2019-11-25 21:47:06 +0200 )edit
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