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Fields do not populate in mail merge printing labels

asked 2019-12-06 19:19:31 +0100

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updated 2019-12-06 19:56:59 +0100

I have gone through the steps several times but when I get to the option to print my labels in mail merge, the labels are not populated with the information from my database.
I only use this at Christmas time and I remember last year I had the same problem. I think I finally used Open Office instead of Libre Office. IN the mail merge where it is supposed to skip step 5 it doesn't and does not give me step 7. Voiewing data source shows my information for the labels, but will not populate the labels when clicking print. So, what is the solution? Thank you I have Version: (x64)

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On the first screen click only Use the Current Document. On the second screen check Letter as your document type. On the third and fourth screens un-check everything. It should skip the fifth screen, the layout screen. On the sixth screen you get a preview of the first label, and can preview all your other labels as well. You have one last chance to make corrections by clicking the Edit Document button. Click the Next button to create your labels Which takes you to screen seven, and yet another chance to edit your labels. The eighth and final screen has some save options, which I don’t believe are useful because all of your documents are still open, and you can save and print them like normal documents. Click Finish to complete the wizard, and there you are with your labels all ready to print, like in figure 6. This ...(more)

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answered 2019-12-07 01:10:26 +0100

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In creating labels there is documentation. See -> LibreOffice Writer Guide Chapter 14 - Mail Merge. This has step by step instructions on creating labels.

Part of this was presented in my post last year -> Having trouble populating a table with a spread sheet. This contains a number of the steps also in the documentation.

Typically when printing labels, in a Writer document from the menu you select File->New->Labels. From there a dialog is presented to enter the label information and also the selection of data from your database.

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